Code of Ethics

(Sec. 20-491-14)

(a) Opinions expressed by the inspector shall only be based on the inspector’s education, experience, and honest convictions.

(b) The inspector shall always act in good faith toward each client.

(c) The inspector shall not disclose any information concerning the results of the

inspection without the approval of the client or such client’s representative unless the

inspector finds that public health, safety or welfare imperatively requires emergency action.

(d) The inspector shall not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one interested party for the same service without the consent of all interested parties.

(e) The inspector shall not accept or offer commissions or allowances, directly or

indirectly, from other parties dealing with such inspector’s client in connection with work for which the inspector is responsible.

(f) Prior to being retained, the inspector shall promptly disclose to his or her client any interest or conflict of interest which may affect the client.

(g) The inspector shall not allow an interest in any business to affect the quality or the

results of the work which the inspector may be called upon to perform.

(h) The inspection work shall not be used as a vehicle for the inspector to deliberately

obtain work in another field.

 (i) The inspector shall make every effort to uphold, maintain, and improve the

professional integrity, reputation, and practice of the home inspection profession.

(j) The inspector shall not engage in false or misleading advertising or otherwise

misrepresent any matters to the public.

(k) No inspector shall express, within the context of an inspection, an appraisal or opinion of the market value of the inspected property.

(l) The inspector shall not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap, or national origin.

(Adopted effective July 30, 2002)

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

TITLE 20. Professional & Occupational Licensing, Certification

Revised: 2015-3-6

Department of Consumer Protection

R.C.S.A. §§ 20-491-1—20-491-28

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