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Carlo Ruscito
CT Licensed Home Inspector, HOI.962

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new property or buying your first home, SAGE Home Inspection is the right place to start.
Hello, my name is Carlo Ruscito, and since I can remember, I've always enjoyed working with my hands that started with building model ships and cars to working on home improvement projects. 
I graduated from UCONN with a B.S. in Business Administration and after spending some time in the health insurance industry, decided it was time to pursue other interests and went on to work as a home improvement contractor, a real estate agent, and a co-owner of a commercial heating and air conditioning company.  These experiences lead me to pursue a career as a home inspector which I truly enjoy.  You can be confident that my inspections are performed independently and thoroughly with your best interests in mind, and at an affordable price, so that you have the information needed to make a sound purchasing decision.

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